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Everyone unites for a schoolbag

Everyone unites for a schoolbag

This is a special campaign that has as an objective to provide a school bag with supplies for the children in the vulnerable neighborhoods/slums of Goya city in Corrientes, Argentina.

Education is the strongest of weapons that can be used to change the world. Nelson Mandela

These children start school and often do not meet the minimum supplies requirement in order to properly study. Our objective is to be able to deliver a schoolbag per child, and that the schoolbag has the necessary supplies for their course of study.

A schoolbag with all the necessary supplies for a child does not surpass 50€.

Help us help out

We hope you can donate even a small amount, when many of us unite it does make a difference, and when a child gets that schoolbag it can make a world of a different to him/her.

If you would like to donate you can use this link to access the donation button.

We cannot forget that education is the base for the development of any society, and in addition of empowering individuals it contributes to their freedom.

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