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New path for status continuity for international students in Europe was introduced in Spain.

New path for status continuity for international students in Europe was introduced in Spain.

Under the framework of Royal Decree-Law 11/2018 (Spain), of August 31, which incorporates the Directive (EU) 2016/801 of the European Parliament and of the Council of May 11, 2016, regarding entry requirements and residency of foreign nationals for the purpose of research, studies, practices, volunteering, student exchange programs or educational projects and au pair placement.

As the main objective is for the European Union to become a center of excellence to attract talented people, abilities and foreign entrepreneurs through streamlining the authorization procedures for studies, training and eliminating barriers to mobility within the space of the EU.

Among the new features incorporated and of great importance and practicality, the following ones arise:

Empowering the entrepreneur to have mobility in the European space is a guarantee. The researcher and international student are given the opportunity to request authorization for job search or business project to the student.

Two authorizations for researchers come up:

  1. Authorization for an EU researcher issued by Spain that allows entry and residence in several EU countries, prior to communication to the destination state.
    Destined to researchers trained with a qualification that allows him to even access doctorate program and is selected by the host entity, or researcher and doctorate.

  2. Authorization for national researcher.

The period of duration of these two types of authorizations will be two years or the time of the agreement or contract presented and is feasible to be renewed for another two years.

For students:

  1. It is possible for the student of a higher education institution and have reached a qualification of 6 or more, ask for a residence permit for the search of employment or a business project, for one year.

  2. Introduce the possibility to the student who has obtained a higher degree in the last two years and is studying another, can request residence authorization and participate in a program of practices/internships for foreigners.

The new legislation opens the possibility that foreign students when completing their training do not have to return to their countries of origin to process the visa if they have the possibility of a work permit, or stay and opt for a residence authorization for job search for a year.

Students who wish to request residence authorization for a job search or business project must enter the application within sixty days before the expiration and ninety subsequent, of their authorization for study stay.

The request extends the authorization until its resolution and the agency(ies) are commanded to resolve it within 20 days of its presentation. The administration will observe that the foreigner has completed their training favorably, has medical insurance for the period they request and the necessary economic means.

All these authorizations will be processed electronically to guarantee their speed.

The fact sheets that specify the requirements for the application are still in the process and are about to be published, and can not specify when, as reported by the Immigration authorities.